Educational Achievement

As learners progress through the continuum of health professions education, they attain a number of achievements, including successfully passing required exams (e.g. licensure and certification), attaining necessary competencies and successful completion of training milestones and training phases (e.g. graduation from medical school and completion of residency). The achievements are important, particularly for learner self-assessment of and active participation in the learning process and for those assessing the learners’ progress along the education, training, and practice continuum.


The Educational Achievement standard provide a consistent format and structure for data concerning learners’ educational achievement. Educational Achievement allows systems to document learner competency and makes that data portable. This data is helpful to those considering the learner at transition points on the continuum. In addition, such information would be helpful to learners reviewing their professional development.

These specifications intentionally exclude the following from their scope:

  • Credentials awarded as a result of achievements, including degrees, certifications, and licenses.
  • Continuing education.
  • Activities completed as part of a maintenance of certification or continuous certification process that are not assessments carried forth from prior GME training.

Credential, CE, and certification activities are addressed by the Healthcare Professional Profile and Activity Report.