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Press Release Archive

4 Apr. 2007
REVISED MedBiquitous Healthcare Metadata to be trialled on mirror of UK NHS Radiology Integrated Training Initiative (R-ITI) content on Giunti Labs’ learn eXact LCMS

13 Sep. 2006
Giunti Labs announces MedBiquitous membership and LCMS technology extension with Healthcare LOM Metadata at SMILE 2006

6 Sep. 2006
MedBiquitous Developing Standards for Describing Healthcare Professional Profile and Learning Content

13 Apr. 2006
MedBiquitous Conference to Highlight Use of SCORM in Healthcare />

3 Mar. 2005
OHSU and Johns Hopkins University Collaborate to Improve Physicians’ Access to Continuing Education

3 Nov. 2004

MedBiquitous Consortium's MELD to Revitalize Healthcare E-learning

22 Apr. 2004
CareLearningCC Joins MedBiquitous/>

16 Apr. 2004
Advanced Distributed Learning and MedBiquitous Agree to Collaborate on Healthcare Education Standards/>

05 Apr. 2004

MedBiquitous Consortium Receives ANSI Accreditation as Standards Developer For Medical Education

18 Dec. 2002
OutStart Joins MedBiquitous Consortium to Define Learning Content Standards for Health Care Industry />

20 June 2002
Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Aventis Pharmaceuticals, and AstraZeneca Join MedBiquitous Consortium to Support Online Medical Communities/>

07 May 2002
MedBiquitous Releases Community Software Tailored for Professional Medicine/>

11 Nov. 2001
MedBiquitous Assembles Key Leaders in Medicine with Addition of National Library of Medicine and the American Medical Association />

21 May 2001
Johns Hopkins and Leading Medical Societies Announce Technology Consortium for Education and Collaboration />