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We're pleased to announce two additions to the agenda. Dr. Mike O’Reilly, Vice President of Medical Technologies at Apple will present and lead a discussion on Apple's ResearchKit and how it may be used for Research in Healthcare Education. Andrew Downes, xAPI evangelist at Rustici Software, will present and lead a discussion on Learning Analytics: how XAPI is being used in other industries.

MedBiquitous is pleased to announce Marc Triola, MD, Rachel Ellaway, PhD, and Jeff Leek PhD as speakers for the MedBiquitous Annual Conference 2015. Dr. Triola will discuss using analytics to drive change in health professions education, and Dr. Ellaway will discuss extended mind, exploring how digital technologies act as cognitive prostheses for health professionals and health professional learners. Dr. Leek will discuss learning analytics and what we can learn by studying MOOC learners. 


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