Track Achievements and Credentials

MedBiquitous Standards make it possible to track healthcare specialty certification, licensure, training, education, and certification activities across organizations in a standardized fashion. This in turn allows for faster credentialing of professionals and faster availability of accurate data to the public. It also accelerates technical development, saving money in the process. MedBiquitous standards have supported the credentialing of 800,000 certified MDs & DOs and helped certifying boards and others realize significant savings.

The American Board of Pediatrics (ABP) uses MedBiquitous standards to track progress of certified physicians towards completing the Maintenance of Certification (MOC) requirement for Performance in Practice. When a pediatrician completes an approved activity provided by an organization using MedBiquitous standards, information about his or her completion is sent to the ABP electronically. The ABP records that data and updates the physician’s MOC portfolio to indicate that the Performance in Practice requirement has been met.

MedBiquitous has the following standards, specifications, and information related to Achievements and Credentials:

Activity Report allows organizations to electronically compile CE and Maintenance of Certification certificate data across providers, making it easier to track lifelong learning and improvement.

Educational Achievement standard facilitates the exchange of data about a learner's achievements and competencies across the continuum of professional education. It includes the ability to document entrustment decisions and achievement of milestones.

The MedBiquitous Educational Trajectory Profile extends the LEAP2A specification for e-portfolios. The profile provides a consistent format for describing the path of an individual learner through one or more programs of study, including informal professional development and breaks in matriculation.

MedBiquitous is a valuable resource for the American Board of Pediatrics (ABP), offering research-based standards, business best practices and innovative solutions to help them achieve their mission, vision and goals. Learn how the ABP uses MedBiquitous standards to track diplomate requirements and streamline data exchange in support of Maintenance of Certification.

The Experience API (xAPI) lets applications share data about human performance. MedBiquitous xAPI profiles enable interoperability across healthcare simulation and clinical training tools.

The Healthcare Professional Profile provides a standard format for profile data on healthcare professionals, making it easier to exchange and compile data across organizations.