Achievements and Credentials

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MedBiquitous Standards Streamline Performance Improvement Tracking and Data Exchange Processes for the American Board of Pediatrics

MedBiquitous is a valuable resource for the American Board of Pediatrics (ABP), offering research-based standards, business best practices and innovative solutions to help them achieve their mission, vision and goals. Learn how the ABP uses MedBiquitous standards to track diplomate requirements and streamline data exchange in support of Maintenance of Certification.

Educational Trajectory

The MedBiquitous Educational Trajectory Profile extends the LEAP2A specification for e-portfolios. The profile provides a consistent format for describing the path of an individual learner through one or more programs of study, including informal professional development and breaks in matriculation.

Educational Achievement

Educational Achievement standard facilitates the exchange of data about a learner's achievements and competencies across the continuum of professional education. It includes the ability to document entrustment decisions and achievement of milestones.

Activity Report

Activity Report allows organizations to electronically compile CE and Maintenance of Certification certificate data across providers, making it easier to track lifelong learning and improvement.

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