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Sounds logical to me!  Clarity is a good thing.


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Dear working group,

I'm writing to propose a change to the curriculum inventory and to see if anyone in the group has objections, concerns, or questions about these changes.

After consulting with Susan, Marc, Terri, and the MedBiquitous Technical Steering Committee, I would like to propose removing the Continuing Education Credits element from the Events element in the Curriculum Inventory spec. This would mean that the curriculum inventory would not be used for describing continuing education curricula. Instead, continuing education events would be described using the MedBiquitous Healthcare LOM standard, and Healthcare LOM would be modified so that elements of the curriculum inventory events that are missing from Healthcare LOM (such as instructional methods and assessment methods and vocabulary values from the resources vocabulary)would be included.

Our Technical Steering Committee raised concerns about the overlap between Healthcare LOM, pointing out that it would cause confusion as to when to use which specification. Removing continuing education credits provides greater clarity: Healthcare LOM is used to describe continuing education, and Curriculum Inventory is used to describe UME, GME, and other health professions education and training programs.

Please reply all to this email if you have objections, concerns, or questions.

In the coming days I will circulate a revised draft of the schema and specification that removes the continuing education credits element and makes other non-substantive editorial revisions (a clean up) in preparation for a review by the Standards Committee.

Best regards,

Valerie Smothers
Deputy Director
vsmothers at jhmi.edu<mailto:vsmothers at jhmi.edu>
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