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You are right. The problem is the number of events if we combine them. Our dean reviewed the report, she had questions about the number of events. Like the example I mentioned, it is supposed to have 20 events for patient presentation, but it only showed one because I combined them into one.

If AAMC is going to use number of events to do some statistic analysis on something, it is better to have standard requirement. Either split or combine, all schools follow one rule.

Since you have not documented this part yet, I will see how much work involved to split them. I will try to split them.


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Hi, Ye. This is something we have not documented well. My initial thought was to combine events as you describe, since that was the most efficient way to do it. And that works if we are reporting time (hours).

If we are reporting events, however, combining into one event provides a less accurate accounting of the number of events where the instructional method occurs.

At this point, I am guessing that these types of events are bring entered both ways, so it does not matter which you use, as long as your Curriculum Dean is OK with the Verification Report.

We do need a Best Practice on this, so I would appreciate hearing other opinions.


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Terri  & others,

I am working on our school CI report. I have a question. We found we did not record Patient Presentation event in clerkship. I need to add them in. I was told the patient presentation happened every day per student. Each student will present 10 minutes for instance.  For a 2 weeks clerkship, it will be 10 days.

Can I record one event for total 10*10 days =100 minutes for patient presentation? Or I have to record 10 events for patient presentation, each event has 10 minutes?

There are  a lot of such similar situation, like ward rounds, clinical experience-inpatient. Some of them, I just combined into one event. If that is not right, I have to split them into several events.

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