[Ciimplementer] Clerkship Events Recording

Chen, Ye (yc5x) yc5x at eservices.virginia.edu
Fri Sep 11 20:06:40 UTC 2015

Terri  & others,

I am working on our school CI report. I have a question. We found we did not record Patient Presentation event in clerkship. I need to add them in. I was told the patient presentation happened every day per student. Each student will present 10 minutes for instance.  For a 2 weeks clerkship, it will be 10 days.

Can I record one event for total 10*10 days =100 minutes for patient presentation? Or I have to record 10 events for patient presentation, each event has 10 minutes?

There are  a lot of such similar situation, like ward rounds, clinical experience-inpatient. Some of them, I just combined into one event. If that is not right, I have to split them into several events.

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