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Thanks, Ye and Sascha. We would prefer to keep clerkships as separate entities, and just title the parent sequence block Electives or Selectives. That course should be required, using the XML tags to show the number required, but the individual sequence blocks would be optional. Depending on the SB, there might be additional levels of nested sequence blocks.

Does that make sense?



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we have a somewhat similar situation in our 4th year; I think it makes sense to list those 2-4 week elective/selective rotations as clerkships within the parent block, since despite the differences, they seem more (in terms of actual activity) like miniature clerkships than anything else.

Terri, does that make sense in terms of your reporting for 4th year activities? Or is there a better aligned approach?

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Terri & all others,

I have a question need to be clarified.  In our third years, it is our clerkship year.  I set up the sequence block with clerkship model.

My problem is our fourth year classes. They are all selectives.
 Selectives  are 2-4 week clinical rotations.  Students in a subdivison of
medicine working in the inpatient or outpatient setting learning while
taking care of real patients.

We have hundreds of these selectives. Each of them either 2 weeks or 4 weeks. Students require to choose at least 40 weeks selectives.

Each selective will be nested blocks of the parent block since they are selectives. The parent block will be something like this
<SequenceBlock id='12' required='Required' order='Undorder' minimum=10> then it includes block reference to those selective blocks.

My question is each selective block, should it be considered Clerkship that I should add


In the block?



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