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Albright, Susan susan.albright at tufts.edu
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Dear all,
I have been asked a question that i'm not sure of the answer.

Sequence block wants the number of days - representing 5 day weeks - of a sequence block.

Terri - do you want the actual number of days that a course is offered or the time period it began and ended.  So - lets say a course starts in September and finishes in May but meets only 1 day a week.  Do you expect us to count all the 5 day weeks between september and May or tell you the actual number of days that the course was offered?  We have many examples of these kinds of courses. 

It seems there  could be two things working at cross purposes.  If you want to know when in the curriculum a sequence block is offered - when it starts and when it ends - that is one thing.  If you want to know the actual days devoted to a sequence block that is another thing. 

Which are  you looking for?

Thanks for your help.

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On Jan 30, 2014, at 11:03 AM, Terri Cameron <tcameron at aamc.org> wrote:

> What should <lom:catalog>URI</lom:catalog> point to?

>From the Competency Framework Specification:

The following example shows an identifier for a competency definition that uses a URI cataloging scheme.


I think most of us are doing something like:




The path doesn't have to resolve but needs to be unique.  I believe most implementations use the patch to give a hint as to what type of thing it is.  If all your IDs are unique you could just have:



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