[Ciimplementer] Question: Conference vs. Lecture as it applies to a Noon Conference Clerkship Event

Robin Rivest rivest at oakland.edu
Mon Jul 7 17:34:21 UTC 2014

Hello Group,

I am following the Curriculum Inventory vocabularies file and I am stuck on
these two types of Instructional Methods as they relate to Clerkship year
events called 'Noon Conferences,' yet the description is as follows:

*Didactic: Resident Noon Lecture*
 Students will be able to articulate and apply key learning points from
resident noon lecture and integrate them into their case presentations

I see that Conference does NOT include Lecture and Lecture does NOT include
Conference in the description of each.

Originally I coded all of these sessions as Lecture, but now I am
rethinking it because it's presented by Clinicians.

Can you share some thoughts on this with me?



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