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Terri Cameron tcameron at aamc.org
Thu Jan 30 18:35:52 UTC 2014

There have been several requests this week about some of the Institution fields in CI uploads. Here is information that may be helpful if you have not already found answers for these fields:

AAMC Institution ID: (This is the AAMC EIS Code. If you do not know your EIS Code, I can provide it for you.)

AAMC Institution Name: (There is not one correct answer - it's whatever you want to show as your school name in the Verification Report)

AAMC Program ID: (This is also up to you. Most schools are using 1, but, if you have multiple programs at your University, you might have multiple programs, and you can use that number if it makes more sense to you.)

AAMC Program Name: Most people are using M.D.; some are spelling out the School name and program; e.g., XXXXX University SOM UGME

If anyone else has additional guidance for these fields, please let us know!

Thanks again for all the hard work everyone is doing!


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