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Thanks very much for the question. I was waiting to see who else might respond, but, in the meantime, I will just say that this is up to each school. If you want to show that your calendar for the students includes this time, you can show the duration you include in the calendar, which is the faculty expectation of the amount of time most students will spend in these activities. If adding this time would inflate your hours, and the activities are meant to be done solely on 'student time' outside of scheduled hours, you may wish to show zero if you are concerned about inflating your hours.

>From an AAMC standpoint, it would be useful to be able to report on the amount of time schools schedule for students for self-study and self-directed learning, but the decision rests with the schools to determine how they want the instructional hours for their curricula to be reported.

Hope that helps! 


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I have a question about the intent of the required event duration.

I see that the xml schema permits 0 minutes to be entered, and in fact the UCSF xml sample file actually includes  about 15 events with 0 minutes listed (e.g. "Reading Day").

We are wondering what to do with some of our independent study events, which we have not formally scheduled with a specific duration.   Do we use an estimated time, or just use 0?

Ben Williams
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