[Ciimplementer] Best practices - phases and dates?

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Thanks Terri and Paul!

Most of that confirmed my understanding, and I now have a clearer
understanding of how you are determining which clerkships are longitudinal.

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>Hi, Scott. Since we did not include Academic Level start and end dates as
>a data elements in the CI Standard, AAMC is creating those dates by
>finding the earliest start date for any sequence block that references
>the academic level as the AL start date, and the latest end date for any
>SB that references the academic level as the AL end date.
>For clerkships, we ask that you show the SB start and end dates for the
>period in which the clerkship is offered, and then use duration (5 days =
>1 week) to show the length of a single iteration. The AL start and end
>dates for clerkships are then determined based on the earliest clerkship
>start date and latest clerkship end date.
>AAMC would like one iteration of each course uploaded, or that you use
>Nested Sequence Blocks to show all iterations and use the minimum and
>maximum elements to show that students are required to take only one
>Thanks for the question, and please let me know if I can provide
>additional information.
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>Can anyone confirm for me whether The date ranges for each phase/training
>year are derived from the sequence block dates that are associated with
>each phase?
>Also, are people uploading all offered dates for courses, or just
>representative instances for each type of course?
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