[Ciimplementer] Please share tips and best practices!

Robin Rivest rivest at oakland.edu
Thu Jan 23 20:29:27 UTC 2014

Here is my list.  I hope it's helpful.  I do not have 10 at the moment,
only 3.

 *Top 3 CI Upload Tips*

1.     When I did the data import from an excel template into the software,
the first instructional method listed in the template populated the Primary
Instructional Method data field, which lead to some rework.

2.     Start uploading the data in small chunks iteratively before trying
to make sure the data is perfect in your software.  Rather than run
software reports and tweak the data, seeking perfection, upload what you
have, run the Data Validation Report, and make all of the changes one time.

3.     Within the Data Validation Report do the following: verify data
completion and data accuracy.  Check the total numbers against what’s in
your software.  Likewise, check the total numbers under Instructional
Methods Summary against what’s listed in the Assessment Methods Summary
within the report.  Also, do a line-by-line scan of all of the data fields
in the report to be sure it’s populating all of the associated data fields.

On Thu, Jan 23, 2014 at 1:42 PM, Terri Cameron <tcameron at aamc.org> wrote:

>  We have several new CI Implementers who are just starting their efforts
> to develop uploads to the CI, and are really under the gun with the
> February 10 deadline looming. It would be really helpful if all of you
> experts could share your top 10 tips and/or Best Practices that you wish
> you had known when you started working with the CI upload process. This
> will also be great information as we begin our evaluation of the CI
> Standard next month.
> Thanks for anything you can share!
> Terri
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