[Ciimplementer] CompetencyObject specification question

Valerie Smothers vsmothers at jhmi.edu
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Hi, Chris.

LOM identifiers have two parts - the catalog and the entry. The LOM identifier is used in the Competency Object spec to create a unique URI identifier for the competency. This identifier can then be used for referencing the competency within a competency framework, curriculum, and many other places.

To upload data to the Curriculum Inventory, you will need to create a URI for each Pitt competency, learning objective, program objective, goal, or other expectation you are including in the Curriculum Inventory document you send. We usually recommend starting with your school's domain name (ie pitt.edu) and appending that.

You may want to look at the Competency Object spec for an example: http://medbiq.org/sites/default/files/CompetencyObjectSpecification.pdf


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I have a question related to the CI CompetencyObject specification.  Under CompetencyObject, there is an element in the lom namespace called <lom:entry>.   The element contains a URI.  The example I am looking at looks like this:  "<lom:entry>http://ucsf.edu/program_objective/5793</lom:entry<http://ucsf.edu/program_objective/5793%3c/lom:entry>>"

What is this a reference to and how does this construct work?  In the example above, is this a webservice that spits out  a vocabulary entry?  Or is this just some type of custom, internal reference library?

Chris Toth
University of Pittsburgh, School of Medicine

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