[Ciimplementer] CompetencyObject specification question

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Hi Chris,

That is a construct of your own choosing that serves as a unique identifier for whatever piece of data that LOM element is identifying.  You simply use your domain name followed by a path that includes information about the type of id and the actual id. In an ideal world, the URI would resolve to the resource that it identifies, but for the purposes of this exercise, I believe it is enough that it simply serves as a unique ID.

An E*Value version might look something like: http://www.e-value.net/Medbiquitous/Objects/Competency/90078054<http://www.e-value.net/objective/90078054>.

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I have a question related to the CI CompetencyObject specification.  Under CompetencyObject, there is an element in the lom namespace called <lom:entry>.   The element contains a URI.  The example I am looking at looks like this:  “<lom:entry>http://ucsf.edu/program_objective/5793</lom:entry>”

What is this a reference to and how does this construct work?  In the example above, is this a webservice that spits out  a vocabulary entry?  Or is this just some type of custom, internal reference library?

Chris Toth
University of Pittsburgh, School of Medicine

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