New xAPI Profile Helps to Track, Analyze and Report Learner Experiences and Achievements

Simulation and scenario-based training create powerful learning environments for students and professionals to gain practical clinical experience.

Thanks to the significant strides made by our Learning Experience Working Group, a new xAPI profile exists to guide best practices for reporting data about learner progress in Virtual Patient activities. Using the profile, the Virtual Patient system captures details of a learner’s activities during a hypothetical patient case, from what questions were asked, to what went right, what went wrong, what steps were missed and how much time was allocated for each part of the process. Data is compiled into a single learner record, demonstrating trends and perhaps most importantly, where opportunities exist to improve. These reports can be combined with other data to draw a clear picture of where a learner needs more support or further education in order to better his or her skills.

Next up on the priority list for the Learning Experience Working Group is development of profiles to track blended simulation and standardized patient profiles. Both approaches challenge learners to apply core assessment and clinical reasoning skills in simulated health care environments. It is through these hands-on learning experiences and documentation processes that the medical professionals who are undergoing training today will eventually go out into the world as experts.

The MedBiquitous Annual Conference is coming up in early June, and we have built a few sessions into our agenda to further educate you about xAPI and its application, including:

I encourage you to participate in these sessions to learn more! And as always, if you are interested in getting involved with these activities, please email us. Our Learning Experience Working Group,  led by co-chairs Ellen Meiselman of the University of Michigan and David Topps, M.D., from the University of Calgary,  is always looking for new volunteers and perspectives, as they continue to make progress and give us all more resources and tools to work with!