Baltimore, MD, October 12, 2017 — MedBiquitous  has announced the launch of a new standard designed to unify competency and achievement data to draw a complete and accurate picture of how a learner progresses throughout his or her career.  The Educational Achievement standard, an American National Standard, also streamlines the process of documenting decisions about learner entrustment.

The new standard allows systems to exchange competency data and follow a learner through his or her entire career, from medical or nursing school to training, fellowship, and eventually practice. The standard enables integrated processes for documenting learner progress and milestones at transition points along the educational continuum. Such processes could streamline certification procedures for clinicians, as certifying boards may rely on entrustment information to make decisions in the future.

“The Educational Achievement standard helps document the learner’s level of performance and entrustment each step along the way,” said Valerie Smothers, Deputy Director of MedBiquitous. “Over time, that documentation creates a longitudinal ‘trail’ of data capturing the learner’s capabilities, demonstrating learner improvement and showing  where a learner excels as well as areas where additional instruction, supervision or practice are deemed necessary.”

To develop and implement this new standard, MedBiquitous asked its Educational Trajectory Working Group to lead the process, with Linda Lewin of the University of Maryland and Alan Schwartz of the University of Illinois, Chicago, serving as co-chairs, and leading the effort.

“Being able to keep information about medical education and training in one format so that it is easily accessible will help us with a huge number of administrative tasks that consume a lot of time,” said Lewin. “Think about how easy it is to file taxes with TurboTax; it can literally pull W-2’s, bank statements and other documents together because they share a standard. That is not yet true in medicine, but the Educational Achievement Standard marks a huge amount of progress in that direction.”

Schwartz stresses the benefits associated with the sharing and transferring of medical education data that the new standard sets out to accomplish.

“We are making a shift from time-based training to competency-based training, and this standard supports greater interoperability among systems designed to track student progress,” said Schwartz. “This will facilitate continuous and individualized development for learners, and will lead to better support and training programs.”

The official American National Standard Institute (ANSI) designation for this new standard is ANSI/MEDBIQ EA.10.1-2017. To access the recently-unveiled Educational Achievement Standard and information about other technology-based initiatives MedBiquitous is currently pursing to advance the health professions, visit  

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