MEMS 2.0 Summary

MedBiquitous is creating a technology standard to enable the exchange of REMS CE outcomes data across organizations. This standard, Medical Education Metrics (or MEMS) 2.0, will allow accreditors to collect CE data from providers in a common format, allowing that data to be compiled across accreditation systems.

CE providers interested in applying for grants related to REMS CE may have an interest in learning more about the MEMS 2.0 standard and its role in REMS CE. The following links provide more information about the project.

New MedBiquitous standards to enable the integration of continuing education data from across the health professions
A press release describing the scope and vision of the project.

Revision proposal
A proposal describing the goal, context, scope, and work plan for MEMS 2.0.

Current specifications and schemas
The most recent draft technical specifications and schemas are available through this page. They are working documents and are not final.

Implementation Guidelines
These guidelines provide specific instruction related to metrics for ER/LA Opioid REMS activities. If you offer an activity related to the ER/LA Opiod REMS or collect data related to ER/LA Opioid REMS activities, read these guidelines.

There are also draft definitions and vocabularies for use in the standard.

More information is available through the Metrics Working Group page.