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Webinar Series: MedBiquitous Community Connection

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Details for our April webinar will be posted soon!

Past Webinars:

February 2020
The Implementation of MedBiquitous Standards in Medical and Healthcare Education
Recording and Presentation

January 2020
2020 Vision: The History and Future of MedBiquitous
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Interested in presenting a webinar topic for MedBiquitous Community Connection? Proposals may be sent to MedBiq@aamc.org with the following details:

  • Title of presentation
  • Speaker(s) name, title, and institution
  • 2-3 learning objectives and/or goals for webinar attendees
  • Short description of presentation (200 words or less)
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Data Commons adopts MedBiquitous standard
Medical Staff Leader Insider, August 8, 2013

Doctor Profile Data Exchange In Works
InformationWeek, July 30, 2013

MedBiquitous Launches Project to Support FDA REMS Initiative
Meetings Net, September 4, 2012

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