MedBiquitous 2030

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new program initiative “MedBiquitous 2030: Building the Digital Ecosystem for Health Professions Education.”

We encourage you to read this white paper, which details MedBiquitous' goal to better educate the community on the importance of harmonizing standards across industries and acknowledge their impact on health professions education and credentialing.

Join us as we begin this journey toward the year 2030. In the coming years, our world will continue to change and evolve; however, one thing remains true: For us to collectively achieve our goals, we must work together. That is a core value of the MedBiquitous community. The members of this community are dedicated to the advancement of health professions education and credentialing by developing and curating the resources necessary to realize our digital future. 











The draft version of the MedBiquitous 2030 white paper was reviewed by the Steering Committee and its subcommittees. Afterward, it was shared with the MedBiquitous community to review and offer feedback during a public comment period.