Creating Open Standards for the Advanced Modular Manikin Platform

May 22, 2018 8:00 AM – 9:15 AM

David Hananel, University of Washington
Robert Sweet, University of Washington

Manikin based training has become a standard component for Health Care Education.  It has evolved to its current state over 20+ years, originally developed at academic institutions and became a viable business for many industry players over the last 10 years. The training models as well as the depth of scenarios that can be trained are very much dependent on the vendors approach to developing their proprietary platforms.  Furthermore, the breadth and depth of knowledge that needs to be acquired in health care is such that no single company can develop all the content and trainers to address it.  The users of manikins for many years have asked for interoperability so that they can mix and match solutions from multiple companies.  Industry on its own has shown limited interest to invest in such an effort. To remedy this shortcoming, the DOD issued solicitation W81XWH-13-R-0032, to: 

Advance the state of the art in medical simulation based training. It is anticipated that the core AMM system will be state of the art, modular, and relatively autonomous. It will serve as a core platform that allows scaling from a simple, to a vastly more capable unit, using future commercial upgrades, “peripherals” that can be obtained from a variety of potential sources."

To that end our team has embarked on a 4.5 year program to create the standards that will be open, backed by open source software and designs with no royalties to use the platform.