From MedBiquitous to the WAVES network: A 10 year story of the impact of VPs in medical education, from Northern Europe to South East Asia

May 22, 2018 8:00 AM – 9:15 AM

Terry Poulton, St George's, University Of London
Trupti Jivram, St George's, University Of London
Sheetal Kavia, St George's University of London
Ella Poulton, St George's, University Of London
Jonathan Round, St George's, University Of London
Luke Woodham, St George's, University Of London

MedBiquitous (MB) has had a very significant role in the development of virtual patients over the last 12 years, which has gone well beyond the realm of healthcare standards and into their impact in education and medical practice. Following the early development of VP author/players, the eViP European programme promoted, through MedBiquitous, the development of the virtual patient standard, and its members inspired the search for better and more interactive authoring tools. MedBiquitous was an early talking-shop for their use in first undergraduate and then clinically-focused training.

This presentation will focus on the more recent developments and impacts across the Eurasian continent, reporting on the outputs from four major European-funded programmes over the last 6 years involving 29 funded partners, and many more associate partners. We will report a different output in each case viz curriculum transformation across 6 institutions in ePBLnet, the experiential impact of VP training in Croesus, and a randomised trial of the impact of interactive VPs on educational performance in TAME. Finally the impact of the capstone project, ‘Widening Access to Virtual Patients’ (WAVES) will be considered. This project will tie in recent MedBquitous developments towards dynamic information sharing between systems, whilst binding together a network of participants from 9 linked projects - past, present and yet to come - into a community of practice across Northern Europe, Western Europe, the Caucasus, Central Asia, Eastern Europe, China and SE Asia.