A web-based mobile application to facilitate recording and formative discussion of the attributes of professionalism in a medical education environment: Development and deployment in a pilot study

May 16, 2016 10:55 AM – 12:25 PM

Teresa R. Johnson, PhD1, Michael Eakins, MS2, David Metcalf, PhD2, Juan C. Cendan, MD3
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, 2University of Central Florida Institute for Simulation and Training, 3University of Central Florida College of Medicine

Professionalism is the foundation of medicine’s contract with society, and like other knowledge, skills, behaviors, and attitudes required of physicians, opportunities for formative assessment, feedback, development, and reinforcement related to professionalism must be provided to learners throughout the continuum of medical education. PROMOBES (Professional Mobile Monitoring of Behaviors) is a web-based application (app) designed to be accessible from any mobile device, as well as from desktop/laptop computers, that allows for real-time, situated recording of positive and negative professionalism behaviors. The app was not designed as a punitive tool, but rather as a record keeper and motivator for discussion, allowing for reinforcement of exemplary behaviors and swift implementation of remediation efforts where lapses in professionalism are observed. PROMOBES is currently being pilot tested with faculty members who supervise internal medicine residents, and faculty members who supervise third- and fourth-year medical students during pediatrics clerkship rotations in central Florida. This session will offer live demonstrations of PROMOBES, including steps to record observations, flow of data internal and external to system, and reporting capabilities. Challenges related to development and deployment may be discussed during the question and answer period.