Online Collaborative Learning to enhance clinical training for 3rd year medical students in pediatrics

May 17, 2016 8:00 AM – 9:30 AM

Erik Langenau, DO, MS, Louise Jones, MEd, Paula Gregory, DO, Robert Lee, DO, MS
Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine

Online Collaborative Learning (OCL) provides great opportunity to engage leaners at remote clinical training sites.  Through OCL, learners participate in a variety of eLearning activities such as online content review, discussion boards, interactive blogs, wikis, webconferencing, self-reflection and group activities.   OCL affords the opportunity to reach students at different clinical training sites, ensure a basic level of comparable learning experiences, and augment face-to-face clinical training experiences. 

We describe a 3rd year clinical rotation in pediatrics facilitated partially online:  blended learning.  The program combines online collaborative learning with asynchronous discussion boards and blogs, podcasts, video demonstrations, didactic presentations, scenario-based instruction, menu-driven simulation and virtual patients, online reference material and resources, and face-to-face clinical instruction with a faculty preceptor.  We also share feedback from students who have participated in this educational program.

Participants attending this panel presentation will be able to (1) explain the benefits of OCL for learners, particularly those at geographically dispersed clinical training sites; (2) describe the elements of a sample blended-learning clinical rotation in pediatrics; and (3) and identify strengths and weaknesses of the model by exploring feedback from learners.