At TJU: iCE + iPad = curricular superstar

May 16, 2016 10:55 AM – 12:25 PM

Martha Langley Ankeny, MEd,  Elizabeth Spudich, PhD,  Anthony J Frisby, PhD
Thomas Jefferson University

Educators, pedagogy experts and innovators at Thomas Jefferson University have designed iCE: interactive Curricula Experience Platform & App, a mobile content delivery platform optimized for the iPad for faculty and learners navigating learning resources in the 21st Century. Educators use iCE to design and deliver content. The Platform encourages instructors to design content so that connections between different topics and individual learning objects appear on the learner’s screen. Objects may include video and audio, peer reviewed literature, interactive graphics, links to web pages, and more. Instructors can build 3-dimensionality to the curriculum by reusing learning topics or objects from different pages/course in new or novel contexts. For the learner, iCE seamlessly connects textbooks with self-assessments and recorded lectures. iCE capitalizes on the iPad’s vibrancy, and learners can swipe between modules, jump to topic pages, open embedded videos, interactive components, or link directly to other useful apps such as for note-taking and podcasts. More importantly, iCE empowers learners to search for and access content across courses, terms and years as well as to bookmark, organize and download selected content for offline viewing. Users experience the content differently and become active participants in their own learning. With iCE, students can build their own classroom and carry it anywhere in the palm of their hand.