Online Module Production for Blended Learning Using Hybrid Web Services Applications

May 16, 2016 10:55 AM – 12:25 PM

Mark Hilliard, MA, Heather Thompson Buum, MD
University of Minnesota Medical School

The effective development and deployment of interactive online training modules is a serious resource challenge with typically long timeframes and staff intensive development cycles. The U of Mn Medical School Health-Human Disease (HHD) curriculum was seeking to release a large number of interactive, online modules in a “Blended Learning” model within a tight time frame and with limited technical staff available. Even more challenging staff wanted high quality formative evaluation of students using the online modules and a way to allow for real-time correction/remediation if needed.  Their creative solution to this challenge was to take several stand-alone, low cost, existing enterprise and desktop technologies (Sonic Foundry Mediasite Video, Qualtrics Enterprise Survey System, Camtasia Studio, and MS Office recording) and creatively “join” the functionality of these economical applications together and use them to rapidly create powerful new interactive online modules. The format and functionality of these new online interactive modules allowed for real-time monitoring of the students understanding of the material presented and allowed for corrective feedback where required. Additionally, the authors discovered important strategic advantages using this new blended learning model via hybrid web services platforms. It allowed them to significantly improve scheduling and staff availability and better manage limited resources, with short development cycles.