Creating Meaningful Benchmarking Reports Using Data from a Flexible Data Standard

May 17, 2016 8:00 AM – 9:30 AM

Terri Cameron, MA
Association of American Medical Colleges

As the MedBiquitous Curriculum Inventory Working Group developed the Curriculum Inentory data exchange standard, much time was spent discussing the need for flexibility with each data element to avoid the pitfalls of presvious curriculum repositories that forced schools to fit unique curricula into very standardized structures. After two years of deliberations, the final Curriculum Inventory Standard proved to be extremely flexible and has been used successfully across the US and Canada to document very unique and diverse curricula.

After collecting three years of curriculum data from 85 percent of US and Canadian medical schools, the AAMC is developing reports that aggregate this very diverse data set for use by curriculum administrators, committees, and faculty, as well as the AAMC, for benchmarking, medical education reserch, and responses to media and legislative inquiries.

Thsi presentation will outline some of the data issues, validation processes, and best practices for data entry that have been developed as htis diverse data has been aggregated for reports.