Pedagogy or Technology: Barriers to Innovation and Finding the Right Hook

May 17, 2016 8:00 AM – 9:30 AM

Julie  Phillips, PhD, Anthony Frisby, PhD, Martha Ankeny, MEd
Thomas Jefferson University

Innovation in the learning environment poses significant challenges for faculty managing multiple roles. Faculty desire to innovate—pedagogically or technologically—but often do not know where or how to begin. The Center for Teaching & Learning at Thomas Jefferson University attempts to bridge pedagogy and technology by developing programs that instruct faculty on the newest ed tech tools while, at the same time, model best pedagogical practices.The iCE (Interactive Curricula Experience) Platform & App, a locally-developed content management system, is the newest ed tech tool at TJU, and as the CTL has been educating faculty on how to use the platform, workshops have modeled several pedagogical practices, including learner-centered strategies such as experiential or hands-on learning, linking old knowledge with new knowledge and collaborative learning. Early assessments of iCE suggest that faculty generally like the new technology and the training workshops but continue to struggle with integrating the innovation into the classroom. In response, the CTL is currently building a series of pedagogical models that showcase how faculty may integrate learner-centered teaching practices with course content on the content management system. By using the implementation and adoption of iCE as a case study, the presentation provides an overview of the innovation lifecycle, the common obstacles to integration and strategies for responding to those obstacles.