Information-Driven Decisions In A Self-Service Business Intelligence Environment

May 18, 2015 10:55 AM – 12:25 PM

Marina Marin, MSc, Suvam Paul, BA, Oleksandr Savenkov, PhD
New York University of School of Medicine

Background: NYU School of Medicine’s Education Data Warehouse (EduDW), is a rich repository of educational data that are the basis of advanced analytics and related visualizations. EduDW developers sought a way for educators and leaders to fully utilize insight-driven information by narrowing the communication gap between users and developers.

Objective: Medical school educators and leaders require analysis of information for making key decisions based on student performance metrics. We introduced self-service business intelligence (BI) workflow to users who have analytic expertise, enabling greater user access that promotes information-driven decisions.

Outcomes: Self-service BI workflow 1) streamlined the process of dashboard development by iterative prototyping with a dynamic data feed and stakeholder voice in the design, 2) promoted complex predictive analysis through independent access to integrated data spanning multiple business processes, and 3) facilitated data profiling and quality assurance through collaborative development of a user data dictionary, complete with definitions, business rules and technical details.

Conclusion:  A successful self-service BI environment enables end users to discover, access, and share information, reports, and analytics with minimal IT intervention. This model benefits both IT and users, conserving the resources of IT while offering more control and independence to users.