A Standards-based Approach to Remote and Indigenous Community Settings for GP Registrar Training in Australia

May 18, 2015 10:55 AM – 12:25 PM

Mark Keough, PhD1,  Tamsin Cockayne, MD2
1Obvious Choice Consulting, 2Northern Territory General Practice Education

In Australia, the Northern Territory GP Education (NTGPE)  manages the pre-fellowship training of General Practitioners who are on clinical placement in a wide range of settings from urban metropolitan, to mining communities and remote Indigenous communities.

Utilising Medbiquitous standards, such as Curriculum Inventory and Virtual Patient, IMS standards such as LTI and QTI  and ADL’s xAPI, NTGPE have created a unique online social community based learning utility, that is LMS free.  Learning is completely activity based, in myGPcommunity (mygpcommunity.com.au).

Innovative capture of learning evidence in situ, leads to effective learning progress, while on the job.   Key stakeholders including GP Registrars, Supervisors, Medical Educators and Training Advisors many of whom work remotely separated by hundreds of miles.

Using self surveillance and analytics, Registrars are able to capture any validated learning event or activity  including supervisory conversations, as learning outcomes, using the xAPI standard..

mYGPcommunity favours a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) model for participation, in a learning community context.

The essential key to the success of the system is the use of a learning repository (Alfresco) integrated with xAPI. and the Medbiquitous Curriculum Inventory standard.   This powerful combination supports self directed learning that is capability based, reflective and connective, by nature.