Developing the Learner Portfolio for competency-based medical education

May 19, 2015 8:00 AM – 9:30 AM

Johmarx Patton, MD, MHI, Susan Hollar, MSI
University of Michigan Medical School

The University of Michigan Medical School Learning Informatics (LI) group is charged with designing and enabling education workflows to capture the data necessary for effective teaching and learning.   The LI group is collaborating with faculty, staff, and students to innovate medical education during a major curriculum redesign through Curriculum Strategic Planning (CSP).  Looking toward implementation of a competency based curriculum, the LI group is envisioning a robust learner portfolio that will expand the concept of portfolio beyond a repository of student artifacts.  The Learner Portfolio will include context-based progress tracking, learning analytics, and metadata to tie assessments, reflections, and activities to outcomes and competencies.   The Learner Portfolio will track the student’s progress longitudinally over their academic career.

Currently there are multiple systems used for assessment activities, making it is difficult to quickly obtain an overview of the students’ progress. In phase one of this project we plan to address this by developing a “dashboard”, which will aggregate student data from multiple systems to display is a single user interface.  This will allow easier access to the student’s assessments and reflections by students, faculty, and administrators.  In this presentation, we will share our progress toward realizing this dashboard, including:  focus group results; dashboard prototype; tools and system integrations, initial data mapping, and future development plans.