OpenLabyrinth: a platform for medical education research and evaluation

May 19, 2015 8:00 AM – 9:30 AM

David Topps, MBChB, Jean Rawling, MD, Heather Armson, MD
University of Calgary


Virtual patient platforms have not been used extensively for assessment in the past. The architecture and capabilities of our virtual patient platform have afforded new approaches to assessment and evaluation. 

Summary of Work

We have used our OpenLabyrinth virtual patient platform to incorporate a number of different assessment methods into summative and formative examinations. Using techniques such as Script Concordance Testing (SCT), Situational Judgement Testing (SJT) and Short Answer Management Problems (SAMPs), we have assembled both practice and high-stakes examination environments. 

Summary of Results

Software and platform performance has been solid and reliable. Incremental validity of the new data generated compares well with other assessments. Performance analytics, using the Experience xAPI, has proven somewhat more challenging. 


The flexible presentation format combined with built-in performance metrics creates a powerful platform for medical education research and learning analytics.