Implementing a mobile e-portfolio system – Lessons learned a year on

May 19, 2015 8:00 AM – 9:30 AM

Luke Woodham, MSc, Fiona Howat, BA, Jonathan Round, Terry Poulton, PhD
St George's University of London

Workplace-based assessments are fundamental components of training in medicine and healthcare. In 2014, St George’s, University of London successfully introduced an e-portfolio system designed to increase the value of these assessments to student learning and reduce the associated practical difficulties for students and staff. The web-based Myprogress system allows assessments to be completed on mobile devices without requiring network access. Students on the undergraduate Diagnostic Radiography and Medicine courses were enrolled on the system and provided with Android tablet devices in a staggered rollout throughout the year.

Ongoing feedback was collected, with positive comments having been received from students and staff. However, the process of implementing this change was hugely complex, in ways both expected and unanticipated. Challenges included how to adapt assessments to suit the electronic format and finding ways to engage with key stakeholders during the project. Providing tablet devices to students posed several practical difficulties, raising issues and considerations around network access, preparing and provisioning the hardware, and ensuring adequate data safety controls. An ongoing challenge is to identify effective means for supporting students, academic and clinical staff.

This presentation will discuss these challenges and offer strategies for how to address some of the issues that such a project may bring, with reference to specific examples and feedback.