Implementation of the Curriculum Inventory Standard: Preparing for Upload Cycle 3

May 19, 9:45 AM – 11:15 AM

Terri Cameron, MA
Association of American Medical Colleges

AAMC’s implementation of the MedBiquitous Curriculum Inventory Standard has resulted in two successful curriculum data uploads, and preparations are underway for use in collecting Academic Year 2014-2015 data for US and Canadian medical schools and a pilot group of Osteopathic schools.

The Curriculum Inventory Standard was developed in 2010-2012, and received ANSI approval in 2013. The AAMC piloted the standard in conjunction with a set of AAMC Business Rules in September 2013. The Standard has subsequently been used for two successful upload cycles, with 90 US and Canadian medical schools participating for Academic Year 2012-2013, and 120, for AY 2013-2014.

Several issues have come to light during the implementation of the CI Standard, and those issues are being discussed by the re-convened MedBiq CI Working Group as part of the Standard’s three-year-review process to determine whether changes in the Standard are necessary to produce curriculum data that is as flexible as possible, while ensuring that collected data can be used effectively in reporting on trends in curriculum content, structure, and pedagogy.

Overall, implementation of the CI Standard has been highly successful. This session will present statistical data relating to the two completed upload cycles; share examples of the reports generated from uploaded CI data; and discuss revisions to the CI Standardized Vocabulary, and potential revisions to the CI Standard.