Promoting alignment with MedBiquitous Standards and the AAMC Curiculum Inventory through an internal re-design of PLFSOM's curriculum management system

May 18, 2015 10:55 AM – 12:25 PM

Naomi Lacy, PhD, Jose Lopez, MSCIS, Lizeth Corral, MSIT, Richard Brower, MD, Jessica Klein, MACSM
Paul L. Foster School of Medicine- TTUHSC

Medical Schools are currently challenged to purchase or create systems to deliver complex curricular data, including institutional learning objectives, to the AAMC’s Curriculum Inventory (CI). The CI is a central repository that uses MedBiquitous’ technical standards to streamline and benchmark curricula.  Schools are responsible for establishing systems to reliably upload their data via the CI portal. During implementation of the CI by the AAMC, the Paul L. Foster School of Medicine (PLFSOM) was in the midst of an anticipatory in-house re-design of its curriculum management system (CMS). The process has been guided by a multidisciplinary steering committee consisting of the designated IT development team as well as key educational program faculty and staff. This re-design reduces manual processes for CI uploads, applies MedBiquitous standards to curriculum design components, enhances the delineation of component relationships, and enhances the consistency of data collection.  Separating the concepts of session type and resources aids in the identification of how and where resources are used. Additionally, by applying the concept of 'parent-child' offerings, the system provides an exceptional degree of flexibility in the representation of PLFSOM’s innovative and highly integrated curriculum. The result is a faculty-and-administrator-friendly CMS that greatly facilitates CI uploads, as well as curriculum analysis and reporting in general.