Technical Challenges in Uploading to the Curriculum Inventory

Terri Cameron, Association of American Medical Colleges


The Curriculum Inventory (CI) is an international repository for curriculum data that offers US and Canadian medical schools resources for curriculum planning, renewal, management and oversight, as well as for educational research and legislative and media queries. The CI is designed to work with medical school curriculum management systems to alleviate the need for duplicate data entry. Schools use their curriculum management system for reporting on local content, pedagogy, and trends, and use CI benchmarking reports to monitor school data against aggregate data, highlighting potential areas of concern, and offering possible solutions from MedEdPORTAL and other sources.

This session be an interactive of existing and potential technical challenges in uploading to the Curriculum Inventory and potential solutions to those challenges.

Learning Objectives:

By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the resources necessary to build an XML curriculum data file for upload to the CI
  • Provide examples of technical issues that have created challenges in developing an upload and potential solutions to those challenges
  • Discuss the types of reports local curriculum management systems might want to include to facilitate benchmarking efforts
  • Explain how standardized vocabulary is used to facilitate reporting of curriculum content, pedagogy, and competencies in the Curriculum Inventory


Instructional Methods:

  • Introduction of workshop goals / process and review of examples of existing Curriculum Inventory resources (15 minutes)
  • Group discussions of the following questions (60 minutes)
    • What are the current resources available to technical staff as they build XML uploads to the curriculum inventory? How could these resources be more useful? What additional resources would be helpful?
    • What are the technical issues/requirements that challenge technical staff as they build XML uploads? What can be done to alleviate these challenges?
    • How should innovative curricula be documented in an aggregate reporting environment?
    • What are the data sources necessary to provide comprehensive curriculum data for benchmarking?
    • What curriculum data is difficult to document? What would make it easier to document that data?
  • Questions/Wrap-up/summary (15 minutes)