Using an e-Portfolio system for Workplace-based Assessments to improve learner feedback.

May 20, 2014 8:00 - 10:30am

Trupti Jivram, BSc(Hons) Medical Biochemistry, Luke Woodham, MSc,
Fiona Howat, BA, Terry Poulton, PhD   
St George's University of London

Workplace-based learning is key to training in medicine and healthcare disciplines. Assessing this represents a substantial challenge; issues such as printing, sending, storage and infrequent access to clinical tutors severely limit the quality of feedback provided to students. St George’s, University of London (SGUL) is introducing an e-Portfolio system to improve feedback for workplace-based assessments (WPBA). A system called MyProgress was used to pilot the assessment of WPBA by a number of SGUL course teams. Data entry is performed “on-the-go” using mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets, without need for PC equipment largely unavailable in a clinical environment. Pilot groups of tutors and students in Radiography and Medicine have been used to evaluate the impact of the system from a practical and educational perspective and have responded favourably to the system. Feedback from volunteers studying medicine was obtained, and a trial in Radiography resulted in assessments across their range of competencies being implemented and tailored to suit mobile data entry. The tool provides functionality that allows students to actively monitor their performance and completion rates, formatively assessing their achievements against relevant competency frameworks, not possible using paper. The use of mobile devices for data entry is essential for this to work in an e-Portfolio, and the potential for improved feedback can ease learners’ transitions into clinical environments.