Integrating TUSK Virtual Patients into the Tufts University School of Medicine Second Year Course: Introduction to Clinical Reasoning

May 19, 2014 10:55am - 12:25pm

Susan Albright, MS, Joseph Rencic, MD,  Robert Trowbridge, MD,  Mark Bailely, MS
Tufts University School of Medicine

The introduction to Clinical Reasoning (ICR) course for second year medical students at Tufts University School of Medicine uses a variety to teaching and learning modes to achieve its goals including the use of the TUSK Virtual Patient (VP) Creator. Becoming an expert clinician is a long process which requires a great deal of work, patience and dedication. The ICR details “how doctors think” and provides practical and tangible instruction on how the students may improve their diagnostic skills. It also serves to introduce students to approaches to many common clinical presentations that they will frequently encounter over the course of their clinical rotations. On-line pre-class Virtual patients are available in TUSK and are required to be completed before the small group discussions where a similar but different case is discussed. The VP’s introduce the student to both the clinical content for the week and specific aspects of the clinical reasoning process. Each case may take several hours to complete. Students may complete the cases individually or in groups. Completing and discussing the cases as a group allows for peer-teaching and for each student to contribute to the process. We will demonstrate the TUSK Virtual Patient tool and demonstrate one of the VP’s used in the course. We have three years of student ICR course evaluations and will share these. The VP’s have been modified over the three years this course has been offered in response to student feedback.