OpenLabyrinth: a new approach to openness in virtual patient platforms

May 19, 2014 10:55am - 12:25pm

David Topps, MBChB1, Rachel Ellaway,PhD2, Matt Simpson,  MSc3
1University of Calgary, 2Northern Ontario School of Medicine, 3Queens University

Open data standards have been crucial to successful collaborations in virtual patient development. OpenLabyrinth has long embraced the ANSI Medbiq Virtual Patient standard in its case structure. As virtual patients are increasingly integrated into clinical curricula, the importance of linking to other open standards has become clear. OpenLabyrinth has had a significant redesign in version 3, using open source tools (Apache, MySQL, PHP, Javascript, HTML5). This has relieved many of the previous problems found with proprietary systems such as ASP. OpenLabyrinth now also integrates several other open standards into its interface and metadata structures such as OAuth and OpenLDAP for authentication management. Data can be exported in a variety of formats (ANSI MVP, CSV, XLSX). We are currently working on many significant developments including integrating OpenLabyrinth with other systems such as Entrada (open-source CMS from Queens University) using IMS-LTI. Current challenges in learning analytics are being explored with the TinCan xAPI. Format of demo: A brief demo of the new interface and an open discussion of how to improve our approaches to external system integration through current APIs and protocols.