Innovative Application of ADL’s Experience API Specification within Public Health and Beyond

April 9, 3:15 PM

1Nancy Gathany, Jonathan Poltrack1, Rhonda Willis2
1Centers for Disease Control, 2Advanced Distributed Learning Initiative

In this session ADL will describe the roadmap for the Experience API and the impact on existing SCORM implementations.  In addition, CDC will describe how to apply ADL’s Experience API Specification (Nicknamed “Project Tin Can”) to support interoperability among separate LMSs.  By combining SCORM and the Experience API, CDC is building a public health learning repository to facilitate the sharing of training.

Objectives for this session include:

  • Describe ADL’s role in establishing specifications for e-learning technology
  • Clarify distinction between ADL’s Experience API Specification (Nicknamed “Project Tin Can”) and SCORM
  • Describe the Experience API core requirements and list possible applications of the technology
  • Introduce the Learning Record Store (LRS) concept that provides a means to store and retrieve arbitrarily granular learning data
  • Describe how courses and learner data are shared across separate LMSs
  • List benefits and challenges of establishing a shared learning repository