Agenda 2013

MedBiq Conference 2013

MedBiquitous Annual Conference 2013

April 8-9, 2013
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Baltimore, Maryland USA

Sunday April 7

2:00 PM Registration Opens
2:30 PM – 5:00 PM MedBiquitous Orientation, registration required, space limited (see wiki for downloads)
6:00 PM Board of Directors Meeting (closed)

Monday April 8

7:30 AM Technical Steering Committee Meeting
8:00 AM Breakfast & Registration
9:00 AM – 10:30 AM


Welcome (Download PPTX, 2.6 MB)
Don E. Detmer, M.D., M.A., Chairman, MedBiquitous Board of Directors

Building the Infrastructure for Continuous Improvement: A MedBiquitous Update
Peter S. Greene, M.D., Executive Director, MedBiquitous


Using Data-Driven Discovery Techniques for the Design and Improvement of Educational Systems (Download PPTX, 5.1 MB)
John Stamper, Ph.D. , Systems Scientist , Human-Computer Interaction Institute and Technical Director of the Pittsburgh Science of Learning Center DataShop


10:30 AM – 10:50 AM


Sponsored by Decision Simulation

10:50 AM – 12:30 PM



Longitudinal Outcomes Assessment of Clinicians
David G. Nichols, M.D., President and CEO, American Board of Pediatrics

Pearl Session: Big data and Activity-based learning (Download PPTX, 1 MB)
Valerie Smothers, Deputy Director, MedBiquitous

Pearl Session: Do or do not: Activity in Health Education Technology (Download PPTX, 553 KB)
Rachel Ellaway, Ph.D., Assistant Dean Curriculum and Planning, Northern Ontario School of Medicine

12:30 PM – 2:00 PM Lunch
2:00 PM – 2:45 PM

Facilitated Discussion

What's up, Watson? Where will Artificial Intelligence advance the health professions (Download PPTX, 2.27 Farrell) (Download PPTX, 2.13 Kues)
Joel Farrell1, Jack Kues, Ph.D.2
1IBM, 2University of Cincinnati

2:00 PM – 2:45 PM Professional Profile/Activity Report Working Group meeting (open to all)
2:50 PM – 3:35 PM

Facilitated Discussion

Overcoming data politics: How to get organizations to do big things
Gabrielle Campbell1, Craig Campbell, M.D.2  (Download PPTX, 75.9 KB)
1Association of American Medical Colleges, 2Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada

2:50 PM – 3:35 PM Virtual Patient Working Group meeting (open to all)
3:35 PM – 3:50 PM Break
3:50 PM – 5:20 PM

Innovation Demonstrations

Demonstration of a graphic organizer driven help system to assist learners while solving virtual patients Andrzej  Kononowicz1,  Franziska Hasch1,  Inga Hege2, Nabil Zary1
1Karolinska Institute, 2Ludwig Maximilians Universitaet Muenchen

Authoring Virtual Patients - Content Creation on Mobile Devices (Download PPTX, 837 MB)
 Luke Woodham, Sheetal Kavia, Terry Poulton
St George's, University of London

Extending the Virtual Patient paradigm beyond medical education. Case examples and evaluations from UChoose Simon R Messer, Matthew Cownie
University of the West of England

Virtual Interactive Case (VIC) System – A bridge between theory and practice.
 Gordon Tait1,  Marcus Law2,  Tabetha L Rose1
1Toronto General Hospital,  2University of Toronto

Learning through Osmosis: Student-Driven Social Learning & Retention
Shiv M Gaglani, M. Ryan Haynes
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

X-CREDiT: Solutions for Creating, Presenting and Assessing Competency-based Curricula John Voss1,  John Jackson1, Bonnie Jerome D"Emilia2, Ye Chen1, Vladimir Goodkovsky3,  Kimberlye Joyce4
1University of Virginia, 2Rutgers University, 3SiTEL of MedStar Health, 4United Network of Organ Sharing

Automating Data Transfer to an ePortfolio: Lowering the Physician Documentation Burden and Enhancing the User Experience Andrew Rabin1,Jennifer Gordon2, Sandra Canniff2, Inc, 2Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons

ASPIRE: A Continuous Quality Improvement Model for the Improvement of Patient Population Health (Download PPT, 2.3 MB)  
 Annette Boyer1,  Janice Pringle2, Inc.1, University of Pittsburgh2

6:30 PM Dinner and Awards at Della Note Ristorante

Tuesday April 9

7:00 AM Breakfast & Registration
8:00 AM – 9:30 AM

Panel Sessions

Virtual Patient and Simulation In Practice

Planning and Developing Virtual Patients – A team Approach (Download PPTX, 10.7 MB)   
James Barry McGee1,  Anya Andrews2,  Michael Eakins2,  Esther Beltran2,  David Metcalf2
1University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, 2University of Central Florida

Making Medical Ethics and Law Curriculum Interactive, Nationally – UK (Download PPTX, 798 KB)  
 Sheetal  Kavia,  Carwyn Hooper,  Terry Poulton
St George's, University of London

New Hospital Preparedness Process Integrating Simulation-Based Testing And Training (Download PDF, 4.6 MB)  
 Bonnie Mobley
Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago

Interactive online CPD for General Practitioners. A case study using Virtual Patients to promote awareness of early signs of cancer and the tools available to assist with referral decision
Simon R Messer1  Alison Wint2
1University of the West of England, 2Avon Somerset & Wiltshire Cancer Services NHS Trust

Standards and Data Exchange

Curriculum Mapping by Tagging Content Delivered in a Secure Online Learning Environment (SOLE) (Download PPTX, 867 KB)  
 Carrie A Calloway,  Scott Cottrell,  Eric Coffman,  Kenneth Landreth
West Virginia University

Curriculum Mapping in a New Distributed Medical School
Rachel Ellaway,  Michael Martyn,  Jeff Bachiu,  John Friesen
Northern Ontario School of Medicine

Development of Technology Standards for the Performance Framework: Progress Report by the Competencies Working Group (Download PPTX, 606 KB)  
 Rosalyn Scott1,  Timothy Willett2,  Valerie Smothers3
1Department of Veterans Affairs, 2SIM-ONE, 3MedBiquitous

MedBiquitous 3.0 - MedBiq Standards in the World of Linked Data
Carl V Singer (Download PDF, 2.24 MB)

Development of Portfolios

There’s an app for that: Capturing feedback electronically to support learning
Jill Konkin, Radu Vestemean, Bruce Fisher, Holly Huber,  Fred Janke, Paul Humphries, Peter Hamilton
University of Alberta

Data Commons: Status Update & Contribution to Medical Education (Download PPTX, 461 KB)  
 Dana Bostrom, Leonard Armstrong
Data Commons, LLC

Supporting lifelong learning: AAMC & NBME's new electronic portfolio connector (Download PPTX, 465 KB)  
 Angelique Johnson1, Leta Rose2
1Association of American Medical Colleges, 2National Board of Medical Examiners

MedAPS – AAMC’s Medical Academic Performance Services
Terri Cameron, Robby Reynolds
Association of American Medical Colleges

9:30 AM – 9:45 AM Break
9:45 AM – 11:15 AM

Panel Sessions

Virtual Patient and Simulation Research

Toward dynamic virtual patients: Use of models from the Virtual Physiological Human Initiative
Andrzej  Kononowicz1, Martin Bayley2  Andrew J. Narracott2  Eleni Dafli3, Panagiotis Bamidis3, Nabil Zary1
1Karolinska Institute, 2The University of Sheffield, 3Aristotle University Thessaloniki

Integrating two distinct Virtual Patient systems: Identifying challenges and the role of the MedBiquitous Virtual Patient standard (Download PPTX, 1.26 MB)  
 Luke Woodham1, Matthew Cownie2, John Wright2,  Sheetal Kavia1
1St George's, University of London, 2University of the West of England

Use Of Game Technology For Teaching Clinical Reasoning In The Management Of Labor And Delivery Manon M Schladen1,  Robert Hafey2,  Craig Stevenson2,  Alexander Libin2,  Neil Weissman1
1MedStar Health Research Institute, 2SiTEL of MedStar Health

Assessing Organizational and Individual Needs Using High-Fidelity and Virtual Patient Simulations
Angele Landriault, MD1,  Aimee Sarti, MD2,  Stephanie Sutherland, MD3, Frances Fothergill-Bourbonnais, MD2,  John Kim, MD2, Redouane Bouali, MD4, Timothy Willett, MD5, Stanley J. Hamstra, PhD3, Pierre Cardinal, MD MScEpi2

1Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada,  2University of Ottawa, 3AIME, 4Champlain LHIN,  5Sim-ONE

Learning, Performance Measurement, and Improvement

PROTECT: Improving Pediatric, Adolescent and Adult Immunization Rates through an Educational Curriculum linked to a Quality Improvement Solution
Simone  Karp1, Lois Colburn2, Theodore Bruno3
1CECity, 2University of Nebraska Medical Center, 3The France Foundation

Using Systems Integration Simulation To Re-Assess Emergency Response Teams (Download PDF, 457 KB)  
 Bonnie Mobley, Mark Adler
Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago

Instruction and Assessment of Doctor-Patient Communication Skills: A Novel Web-Based Approach (Download PPTX, 2.54 MB)  
 Erik Langenau, Elizabeth Kachur, Dorothy Horber,  Luciana Goldstein
National Board of Osteopathic Medical Examiners

AnnotateVideoPlus: an on-line tool for the creation of annotated videos that are enhanced by the option to serve as a tool to assess the understanding of situations and actions 
Christof Daetwyler
Drexel University College of Medicine

Portfolios in Practice

nTrackTM Nursing Clinical Log 
Mary Jo Clark, Karen Macauley
University of San Diego

Web-Based Performance Assessment and Improvement Module (Download PPTX, 2.26 MB)  
  Luciana Goldstein, Erik Langenau, Dorothy Horber
National Board of Osteopathic Medical Examiners

Integrating clinical education, practice and learning in the clinical workplace
Ian Graham
Grampians Rural Health Alliance

Meeting the Educational Needs of the Cardiovascular Professional: Is it Even Possible? (Download PDF, 3.44 MB)  
  Joyce Lynn Donnellan1, Rick Nishimura2, Kristen Doermann1,  David Raimist1
1American College of Cardiology, 2Mayo Clinic

11:15 AM – 11:30 AM Break
11:30 AM – 12:30 PM

Closing Plenary


E-learning technologies and social networking technologies to support healthcare education and delivery in low resource settings (Download PPTX, 190 MB)
Robert C. Bollinger, MD, MPH, Director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Clinical Global Health Education and Professor, the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

Synthesis and Summary

Simulation and Virtual Patients
J.B. McGee, M.D., University of Pittsburgh

Leaning and Performance Measurement
Olivier Petinaux, American College of Surgeons

Portfolios and Continuous Improvement (Download PPTX, 552 KB)
Craig Campbell, M.D, the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada

12:30 PM – 1:30 PM Lunch
12:30 PM – 1:30 PM Competencies Working Group Lunch meeting (open to all)
1:30 PM – 3:00 PM Johns Hopkins Simulation Center Tour
1:30 PM – 3:00 PM

Case Study

Evaluating REMS CE - a Standards Based Approach (Download PPTX, 5.63 MB)  
  Kate Regnier, The Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education
Linda Kitlinski, REMS Program Companies
Emma Trucks, Boston University School of Medicine



Learning with Scenarios: Exploring Tools, Activities and Affordances
Terry Poulton1, Rachel Ellaway2
1St George's University of London, 2Northern Ontario School of Medicine

3:00 PM – 3:15 PM Break
3:15 PM – 4:45 PM

Case Study

Innovative Application of ADL’s Experience API Specification within Public Health and Beyond (Download PPTX, 2.79 MB)  
  Nancy Gathany1, Jonathan Poltrack2 , Rhonda Willis1
1Centers for Disease Control, 2Advanced Distributed Learning Initiative



Implementing the Curriculum Inventory Standard for Curriculum Benchmarking
Terri Cameron
Association of American Medical Colleges