X-CREDiT: Solutions for Creating, Presenting and Assessing Competency-based Curricula

April 8, 2013 3:50 - 5:20pm

John Voss1,  John Jackson1, Bonnie Jerome D"Emilia2, Ye Chen1, Vladimir Goodkovsky3,  Kimberlye Joyce4
1University of Virginia, 2Rutgers University, 3SiTEL of MedStar Health, 4United Network of Organ Sharing

X-CREDiT is an open source tool based on the Moodle learning management system (LMS) to help educators construct, deliver and assess competency-based curricula. Users create hierarchical representations of competency and link them to learning objectives, learning activities and assessments. Competencies, learning objectives and learning activities can be organized into threads representing keyword-based designations. Included is a multi-step submission process to ensure curricular quality and coherence. As a free Moodle module, X-CREDiT allows institutions to use competency maps to create customized learning and assessment activities. Institutions can design an individual course or a complete curriculum by selecting competencies and learning activities that the LMS assembles into web-delivered learner curricula. X-CREDiT requires each assessment item to be linked to a learning objective to track learners’ emerging competency. Reporting formats allow learner progress to be viewed by competencies achieved or time-based credits earned. Individuals may design competency-based learning courses for maintenance of certification or other continuing professional development activities. The X-CREDiT tool is both customizable and generalizable and can export competency maps according to the AAMC Medbiquitous standards.Recent X-CREDiT projects include creating a large scale map (>3500 learning objectives) of the University of Virginia School of Medicine UME curriculum.