Virtual Interactive Case (VIC) System – A bridge between theory and practice.

April 8, 2013 3:50 - 5:20pm

 Gordon Tait, PhD1,  Marcus Law, MD MBA CCFP2,  Tabetha L Rose, MScBMC1
1Toronto General Hospital,  2University of Toronto

In undergraduate medical education, students are provided with didactic teaching followed by experience in diagnosing and treating patients in clinics. This initial contact with patients can be a stressful experience, with considerable potential for cognitive overload, as students struggle with the emotional aspects of the doctor/patient relationship, along with the art and science of history taking and determining a diagnosis. Simulated clinical cases provide a bridge to patient care where students can practice clinical reasoning skills without the burden of the other aspects of patient interaction. The Virtual Interactive Case (VIC) system, allows rapid development of online simulations of patient encounters in clinics ( VIC cases begin with the presenting complaint, then users must assess the patient by determining the pertinent history and physical findings and results of diagnostic tests. They then select the diagnosis and management options and feedback is provided, along with a debriefing of their assessment showing their total score, time and cost compared to the optimal score time and cost for this case. The construct validity of the VIC score is being evaluated with Family Medicine cases at the University of Toronto with nursing cases at George Brown College. Usability testing is complete and case construction for the studies is under way. This technology demonstration will play a VIC case and show how case editing is carried out.