Extending the Virtual Patient paradigm beyond medical education. Case examples and evaluations from UChoose

April 8, 2013 3:50 - 5:20pm

Simon R Messer, MSc, Matthew Cownie, IT
University of the West of England

We present UChoose, a player for interactive case based learning developed at the University of the West of England with its own content management system for easy case authoring. Primarily developed as a VP player, the software conforms to the Medbiquitous standard for virtual patients, allowing for exchange of cases across systems and institutions. However, the applications for this learning tool extend beyond those of a traditional virtual patient and we present an overview of number of example cases that demonstrate the versatility of this learning tool, including; • A virtual drug round for level one undergraduate nursing students. • Interactive talking avatars • A virtual student for clinical mentor training. • Post graduate Midwifery witness skills training • Simulations for Biomedical Sciences • Formative and summative assessment • Multi Disciplinary Team meetings A summary of supporting evaluative data from learners is also presented. Overall, learner evaluation is shown to be very positive with the benefits of interactivity, situated learning and flexible access being highlighted, and we conclude that the UChoose tool provides an accessible and cost effective solution for the presentation of online interactive Problem -based case learning scenarios.