Curriculum Mapping by Tagging Content Delivered in a Secure Online Learning Environment (SOLE)

April 9, 2013 8:00 – 9:30am

Carrie A Calloway, MA,  Scott Cottrell, EdD,  Eric Coffman, AA,  Kenneth Landreth, PhD
West Virginia University

The West Virginia University School of Medicine and the WVU Health Sciences Center Information Technology Services (ITS) will lead this presentation, which demonstrates the use of content tags within a web-based course delivery portal to map the medical education curriculum. The development, challenges, and plans for improving this curriculum mapping system will be discussed. The WVU Health Sciences Center ITS developed an open-source web-based educational portal for course and clerkship delivery in the School of Medicine. In collaboration with the Department of Medical Education, ITS has developed a tagging feature within this Secure OnLine Environment (SOLE) designed to map components of the medical education curriculum. Major content areas in the curriculum are tagged and aligned with educational methods, assessment methods, and curriculum competencies. Tags are populated from course and clerkship teaching materials delivered in SOLE. Tagging is being used by course and clerkship directors to identify gaps and overlaps in the curriculum, by students to search course materials, and by administrators to document content, assessment methods, and competencies distributed across the medical curriculum. During this presentation, presenters will discuss and model tagging features used to map the curriculum. They will also discuss the details of development of the search protocol, challenges of implementation, and plans for improving the mapping system.