PROTECT: Improving Pediatric, Adolescent and Adult Immunization Rates through an Educational Curriculum linked to a Quality Improvement Solution

April 9, 2013 9:45 – 11:15am

Simone Karp, RPh1, Lois Colburn, PhD2, Theodore Bruno, MD3
1CECity, 2UNMC, 3The France Foundation

PROTECT: SuPporting AppROpriate ImmunizaTions Across the AgE SpeCTrum is a collaborative educational curriculum and quality improvement initiative with the goal to improve clinician performance and patient/population health associated with immunizations across the age spectrum. This immunization improvement focused quality initiative demonstrated the feasibility for performance measurement, targeted interventions for improvement and improved patient outcomes related to adult, adolescent and pediatric immunization rates. The PROTECT initiative, comprised of multiple collaborating organizations that includes an academic medical center (UNMC), technology organization (CECity), Area Health Education Centers (AHEC), multiple physician associations (AOA, AAFP and ACP), a quality organization (NCQA), medical education and outcomes organizations (France Foundation and CE Outcomes) has demonstrated improvement in clinician performance and changes in patient outcomes as measured by improved immunization rates. Presenters will describe this collaborative and how it addressed specific unmet public health needs and clinical gaps in the area of vaccine preventable diseases for clinicians who are currently responsible for administering immunizations to applicable pediatric, adolescent, and adult patient populations. The presenters will share the latest outcomes data and the future of the PROTECT initiative with the participants.