Authoring Virtual Patients - Content Creation on Mobile Devices

April 8, 2013 3:50 - 5:20pm

Luke Woodham, MSc, Sheetal Kavia, BSc, Terry Poulton, PhD
St George's, University of London

The emergence of mobile computing devices has the potential to transform the ways in which we interact with technology. The widespread use of touchscreen devices, and maturation of tools and platforms for developing third-party content on these devices has enabled the creation of new experiences for learners. However, to date there has been a perception that these devices are best suited for content consumption, and that more traditional computing paradigms are better suited for content creation. In the academic year 2011/2012 St Georges, University of London (SGUL) released a Virtual Patient (VP) player app designed for mobile devices. This app provided a suite of VP cases designed for self-assessment, which had previously been available on the web but had received limited uptake from students. Once available on mobile platforms, student uptake increased significantly, and these learners provided positive feedback on both the platform and the VP content. To provide more content through this platform, SGUL are now developing a VP authoring and publishing system that also runs on mobile devices. Taking advantage of the intuitive interfaces offered by multitouch technologies, the app is intended to be user friendly and accessible, with a straightforward workflow allowing subject matter experts to create, edit and share VP cases with learners and colleagues. This tool will be demonstrated, showing how mobile devices can be used to provide effective content creation experiences.