MedBiquitous 3.0 - MedBiq Standards in the World of Linked Data.

April 9, 2013 8:00 – 9:30am

Carl V Singer

First, there was MedBiq 1.0 - the defining of standard ways of representing healthcare resources -i.e., Healthcare LOM, activity report for certification and professional education, Medical Education Metrics (MEMS) for evaluation data for healthcare activities, Professional Profile for the exchange of clinician contact, education, training, certification, and membership information. Version 1.0 set the foundation for *common metadata formats*. The era of MedBiq V2.0, brought us not only the maturation of the standards, but also additional standards -e.g., Competencies, Curriculum Inventory, Virtual Patients. We also saw the *active exchange* of these standard document formats via standard web services. Sooner rather than later, MedBiq V3.0 will find us in the world of Linked Data. Now that we have standard ways of representing healthcare resources and exchanging information about those resources, the next stage needs to be the ability to form *meaningful links* among medical education resources. The key innovation in MedBiq V3.0 will be the ability to link together multiple healthcare-based educational resources in meaningful ways to allow for human and machine readability and more importantly, for self discovery of information by following the links between and among resources (both human and data). The good news is that there are standards available to help -the Resource Description Framework (RDF) and Universal Resource Identifiers (URI).